Can we sing one single song, dance to the same beat and strike a common chord…?

Last night, we had conducted a simple exercise to illustrate the diversification in our taste for music. It looks simple, however, the underlying point is that our taste differs, some like jazz fusion, some prefer rock, other Hindustan and dikir barat for a few. Whilst our taste in music widely differs, our common ground is our undying support for the Red Warriors. One common thing that bring us together is the banner of The Red Warrior,

This bring me to the issue in hand. Can we have a common voice in supporting our team? 2 or 3 common songs that can unite 20,000 or even more die hard warriors into one formidable force, the 12th player, song or chant that can put fear into the heart of our opponents and able of raising the roof of any stadium. A united front that able to match the region’s best and Europe’s finest, turning SSM4 into a formidable fortress.

There are so many fine songs to choose from. After all, we Kelantanese are one creative lot. To me, the simpler the song the better, the one without the need to memories complicated chants and long lines after lines kind of song. While we are at it, can someone ban the air horn as well. The sound of air horn, which resemble a sick elephant more than anything else, bring nothing of value but noise pollution.

Someone need to step forward and take the initiative. KAFA through their support groups must do it… the sooner the better..



~ by Zainuddin Mamat on June 19, 2011.

One Response to “Can we sing one single song, dance to the same beat and strike a common chord…?”

  1. the thoughts are nicely put. 🙂
    well done.

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